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  • Be confident that your clinical decisions are informed by the latest research which you fully understand in relation to your area and setting.

Welcome to the ASIP Journal Club!

We’re not your traditional Journal Club.  We’re a friendly and supportive community of professionals creating a learning and peer support space, where it is safe to ask questions and explore ideas and thoughts about all aspects of sensory integration.  

This is the journal club for people who want to consolidate their sensory integration knowledge and work out how to get the principles into everyday practice.  It’s the journal club for people who want to know where the research is pointing, but don’t feel completely confident in interpreting it themselves.  It’s the journal club for people who want regular, but bite-sized chunks of high quality CPD to keep their ASI skills brushed up and moving forward.

What is the ASIP Journal Club?

Fitting CPD into your schedule can be tricky. Introducing new skills and knowledge into your practice can be daunting. ASIP Journal Club is here to help and we’ve done all the hard work for you. 

ASIP Journal Club is a relaxed, friendly club where we discuss a topic related to Ayres Sensory Integration (ASI) each month through a series of live and recorded events, online chat and downloadable resources. We are from a wide range of backgrounds and experience levels, working with different populations and in different settings - united by an interest in working within or learning more about an ASI framework. Join us in ASIP Journal Club as we build our knowledge and confidence together, with input from experts. 

ASIP Journal Club is hosted and facilitated by Dr Greg Kelly, Visiting Fellow at Sheffield Hallam University and Amy Stephens, an Advanced SI Practitioner.

Journal Club is a month’s worth of activities around a theme, rather than a single event.

  • Keep up with current findings and developments in the field of sensory integration and linked approaches, curated to be most useful to working clinicians.
  • Get practical strategies and tips to implement SI in your clinical context and within the boundaries of your core profession (and understand where and when SI fits other professional remits).
  • Strengthen critical appraisal skills in a supportive environment and build your confidence in refining your own point of view through discussion.
  • Connect with peer network with the international ASI community of practice

Each cycle, we will explore different aspects of these themes:

  • Autism and ADHD
  • Mental Health
  • Children
  • Attachment and Trauma
  • Teens and Adults
  • Special Groups and Situations

What Happens in ASIP Journal Club?

  • Access the two or three open access papers and curated contextual materials.The Club discussion forum opens, supported by facilitators. 
  • Optional live study group sessions for participants to discuss the theme and materials open for bookings. (Different sessions are scheduled for convenience).
  • Access the specialist input - this may be in the form of webinars, panel discussions, interviews with experts, Q&A sessions, etc. 
  • Join in the live implementation group sessions. In these live chats, we offer peer-support and troubleshooting for people looking to implement what they’ve learnt into their clinical practice. 

At the end of each cycle, we’ll produce a digest of the key ideas to come out of the live sessions, the resources and from the discussion forum. These digests will be archived and available to Club members.

Every Journal Club you’ll get:

  • Regular CPD specifically put together to advance your ASI skills, ready for you to work through at your own pace
  • Advanced ASI knowledge and skills without having to paying for more training courses
  • Practical advice and strategies to help with clients on your caseload
  • Tips on bringing more ASI into your work, even if you’re not able to offer fully fidelity ASI
  • Connection and community with other SI professionals, especially if you’re the only SI-trained clinician in your service
  • Massive value for money - ASIP Journal Club is included as part of your ASIP membership which is less than the price of a weekly cup of coffee!

Not already a member of the Association of Sensory Integration Practice (ASIP)?

ASIP is for everyone interested in working within an SI frame of practice or wanting to learn more about the potential of an SI approach - whether you work in education, healthcare, social care or other specialisms and settings. We welcome everyone of all backgrounds and training. 

For less than the price of a cup of coffee per week, you can be part of a community of friendly, engaged, vibrant professionals plus meet your CPD requirements to continue to learn and develop throughout your career. You will get access to exclusive events, the ASIP Journal Club; discounted courses; free courses; resources; research grants and researcher support services that will advance your practice, professional development and network.

All this incredible value added to your career for less than £2 per week for therapists or a lower concessionary rate for students and non-therapists. See here for more information and subscription details.

ASIP Journal Club

What's coming up?

Sensory Integration & Anxiety
  • Club opens (3 Jan 2022)
  • Live Study group session (13 Jan 2022)
  • Exclusive Kim Barthel interview (17 Jan 2022)
  • Exclusive Jude Mitchell webinar (20 Jan 2022)
  • Live skill-building workshops (27 Jan 2022)
Sensory Integration when 'Fidelity' isn't always possible
  • Club opens (28 Feb 2022)
  • Live Study group session (10 Mar 2022)
  • Special guest speaker (17 Mar 2022)
  • Live skill-building workshops (24 Mar 2022)
Sensory Integration and Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs)
  • Club opens (2 May 2022)
  • Live Study group session (12 May 2022)
  • Special guest speaker (19 May 2022)
  • Live skill building workshops (26 May 2022)
Playful Engagement with Teens and Adults
  • More details coming soon.
Self-injurious behaviours
  • More details coming soon.

How to access the Journal Club

Live session participant

"It was a super session, paced perfectly and brilliantly facilitated by Amy and Greg. The time whizzed by and it was great to be part of it all."

Live session participant

"I thought this morning was great and will really enjoy participating in the group as a touch point."

Live session participant

"Thank you all very much. I found it really informative and it helps with demystifying the process of appraising an article."

Live session participant

"During the live group this morning we used the CASP tool... It was super helpful (as a clinician and new researcher) to see it being explored in action by some of the experts from SIE."


BSc(Hons), PhD, Visiting Fellow at Sheffield Hallam University Doctor Greg Kelly

Dr Greg Kelly is a Visiting Fellow at Sheffield Hallam University, the partner university of Sensory Integration Education.
In 2019, Greg received an SIE Honorary Fellowship for sustained commitment to developing SI theory and practice in the UK, Ireland and beyond, over a 40-year period and for his outstanding leadership in providing university-accredited SI training, since the MSc in SI was launched in 2011.
Greg also completed a degree in psychology and an MSc, and in 1987 became a lecturer in OT at Ulster University. His published works inspired others to begin learning about SI principles and to go on to develop theory and practice further for themselves. His dedication to promoting SI theory and practice continued throughout the 1990s with the different study groups eventually merging to form the organisation we are all part of today: the SI Network UK and Ireland, now trading as Sensory Integration Education.
Greg became the Course Director of the MSc in SI Pathway at Ulster University, supporting students from all over the world, to complete university-accredited SI training. The MSc pathway, now accredited by Sheffield Hallam University, is the only one of its kind, attracting students worldwide. Greg is an outstanding pioneer, innovator and change-maker for SI in the UK, Ireland and beyond and we look forward to his continued association with Sensory Integration Education.

Lifelong Learning Director Amy Stephens

You can see more about Amy Stephens on her website here.

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