ASIP Journal Club 1: Autism and ADHD: Supporting Autistic Adults

  • Open to all members of ASIP

  • The first cycle runs through November and December 2021

  • Join our friendly, interactive live online discussions as we consider new, open-access research papers asking: “What does this mean for my practice?”.

  • Be confident that your clinical decisions are informed by the latest research which you fully understand in relation to your area and setting.

Welcome to our inaugural Association of SI Practice Journal Club! Our topic is Autism and ADHD: Supporting Autistic Adults. 

Here you’ll find information about how Journal Club works and an introduction to the topic.

Ensure you access this topic’s core research papers so you can join in the discussion as well as the contextual materials and specialist insights video.

If you support autistic adults, have a look at the lineup for this month’s ASIP Journal Club:

ASIP Journal Club 1: Autism and ADHD: Supporting Autistic Adults

  • An introduction to the topic by Dr Greg Kelly
  • Supporting Autistic Adults - Discussion Forum
  • Opportunities to participate in live, online Study Group sessions
  • Opportunities to participate in live, online Clinical Practice/Implementation Group sessions
  • Core research papers on the topic with critical analysis prompt sheets and tools
  • Curated contextual materials to boost your knowledge and understanding
  • Specialist Insights: An exclusive interview with clinical practitioner and autism researcher Moyna Talcer  
  • Hive Mind digest of the month’s activities and learning points

Future Themes

  • Mental Health
  • Children
  • Attachment and Trauma
  • Teens and Adults
  • Special Groups and Situations

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ASIP Journal Club FAQs

Journal Club Programme

  • 1

    Information and FAQs about the Journal Club

    • Navigating your way around the Journal Club.

    • ASIP Journal Club - your frequently asked questions

    • What's on each week? How the Journal Club works.

    • Reflective Practice

  • 2

    Supporting Autistic Adults

    • Introduction to this month's topic with Dr Greg Kelly

    • Autism and ADHD: Supporting Autistic Adults - Discussion Forum

    • Zoom link for Study Group B 9.00am 18th November 2021 (UK time)

    • Zoom link for Study Group A 6.30pm 18th November 2021 (UK time)

    • Zoom link for Clinical Practice/Implementation Group B 9.00am 2 December 2021 (UK time)

    • Zoom link for Clinical Practice/Implementation Group A 6.30pm 2 December 2021 (UK time)

    • Additional and alternative times for study groups

  • 3

    Core Research Papers for this month

    • Talcer et al. 2021

    • Taylor et al. 2020

    • Start here if this is all a bit overwhelming! (A gentle walk through how you might start with this month's papers if you're new to reading research).

    • Critical analysis prompt sheets and tools

  • 4

    Contextual Materials

    • National Autistic Society - Autistic Women and Motherhood

    • Horder et al. 2014

    • Gillespie-Lynch et al. 2017

    • Sensory Processing Quotient assessment information

    • NDTi report 2020: Supporting autistic flourishing at home and beyond

    • Dr Alice Nicholls ( Autistic Burnout Symptom Checklist

    • Autism and Health website

    • Your feedback about week 1 of the Journal Club

  • 5

    Live Study Group

    • Zoom link to join the live online Study Groups.

    • Your feedback about week 2 of the Journal Club

  • 6

    Specialist Insights

    • Exclusive Interview with Moyna Talcer

    • Your feedback about week 3 of the Journal Club

  • 7

    From Theory to Practice: Implementation Group

    • Zoom link to join the live online Implementation Groups

    • Your feedback about week 4 of the Journal Club

  • 8

    The Hive Mind - Summary and Suggestions

    • The Hive Mind Digest will be posted here at the end of the Journal Club topic cycle.

    • Your feedback about the Supporting Autistic Adults month of learning in the ASIP Journal Club

    • What's coming up in the Journal Club? Provisional timetable and topics.

Live session participant

"It was a super session, paced perfectly and brilliantly facilitated by Amy and Greg. The time whizzed by and it was great to be part of it all."

Live session participant

"I thought this morning was great and will really enjoy participating in the group as a touch point."

Live session participant

"Thank you all very much. I found it really informative and it helps with demystifying the process of appraising an article."

Live session participant

"During the live group this morning we used the CASP tool... It was super helpful (as a clinician and new researcher) to see it being explored in action by some of the experts from SIE."


BSc(Hons), PhD, Visiting Fellow at Sheffield Hallam University

Doctor Greg Kelly

Dr Greg Kelly is a Visiting Fellow at Sheffield Hallam University, the partner university of Sensory Integration Education.
In 2019, Greg received an SIE Honorary Fellowship for sustained commitment to developing SI theory and practice in the UK, Ireland and beyond, over a 40-year period and for his outstanding leadership in providing university-accredited SI training, since the MSc in SI was launched in 2011.
Greg also completed a degree in psychology and an MSc, and in 1987 became a lecturer in OT at Ulster University. His published works inspired others to begin learning about SI principles and to go on to develop theory and practice further for themselves. His dedication to promoting SI theory and practice continued throughout the 1990s with the different study groups eventually merging to form the organisation we are all part of today: the SI Network UK and Ireland, now trading as Sensory Integration Education.
Greg became the Course Director of the MSc in SI Pathway at Ulster University, supporting students from all over the world, to complete university-accredited SI training. The MSc pathway, now accredited by Sheffield Hallam University, is the only one of its kind, attracting students worldwide. Greg is an outstanding pioneer, innovator and change-maker for SI in the UK, Ireland and beyond and we look forward to his continued association with Sensory Integration Education.

Speech and Language Therapist and Advanced SI Practitioner

Amy Stephens

You can see more about Amy Stephens on her website here.

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