Designing Your Own Ayres Sensory Integration Space

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  • Open to all. Of particular interest to SI Practitioners who are looking to set up their own Ayres Sensory Integration space.

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Thinking about setting up your own ASI space, be that as a mobile therapist or within a hired space or you creating your own ASI clinic?

This short CPD course run by Moyna Talcer, an Occupational Therapist with 20 years’ clinical experience and an Advanced Practitioner in Ayres' Sensory Integration, is designed to give you all the practical advice that you need to set up your own ASI clinic. 

During her career, Moyna has worked in schools, and people’s places of work and homes; in various rented spaces; until, eventually, she spent two years designing and building her own bespoke ASI clinic. 

Hear what she thought were the best things to spend time and money on and how she would do it differently if she were to create her own clinic again.

Includes a bonus video with Mike Brooke, National Sales Manager of Southpaw UK, who discusses the precise requirements of the different kinds of suspension equipment that are suitable for owned or hired spaces and for mobile therapists.


During this course you will be able to:

  • Identify your own personal circumstances for setting up a ASI space
  • Identify a variety of options for setting up your own ASI space
  • Consider which utilities are required
  • Gain a greater understanding of the minimum space requirements
  • Consider suspension options
  • Consider equipment options
  • Consider the Fidelity Tool Structural elements in the planning of your space
  • Consider Risk assessment and paperwork as well as safety and future-proofing your clinic space 

Who should complete this course?

  • Open to all. 
  • Of particular interest to SI Practitioners who are looking to set up their own ASI space. 
  • This course is has closed caption videos.

Technology requirements

Stable WiFi/Broadband - This is an online course. You cannot download this course. You cannot access it without being connected to WiFi Broadband.

Google Chrome browser (latest version) - You may not be able to view the learning content and assessments properly whilst using other browsers.


Occupational Therapist, Advanced SI Practitioner and eMentor

Moyna Talcer

My Journey into Sensory Integration

My journey into SI started in 2008. I was working with adult (PMLD with Autism) and I recall thinking,“this is the key that will unlock my clients potential”, since then SI has transformed my practice and deepened my clinical reasoning.

I worked for the NHS for over 15 years, mostly in paediatrics (specialising in Autism Spectrum Disorders, Dyspraxia and Sensory processing difficulties, where I delivered SI on a daily basis) and in 2015 to work independently. I am an Advanced Practitioner in Sensory Integration and have mentored SI 4 students for many years. I am passionate about occupational therapy and sensory integration and am thrilled to have been selected to provide Online Mentor-ship to the Sensory Integration level 1 students as they begin their exciting journey into SI.

How I use SI in my practice

I use the principles of Ayres Sensory Integration Therapy daily in assessment, intervention and treatment planning. I offer therapy to children in schools where I have access to a Sensory Integration Clinic and also provide an adapted version within their homes and schools. More recently I have also started to apply the principles of Ayres Sensory Integration Therapy to my Adolescent and Adult clients within their homes and community.

Why I am committed to supporting others to study SI

Since embarking on my own Sensory Integration learning pathway, my clinical practice has transformed, deepened and my clinical reasoning skills acutely honed. I am passionate about the contribution SI has made to not only my practice but our profession as a whole and am fully committed to support others as they embark on the same journey that has transformed my practice all those years ago.

You see more information about Moyna Talcer on her website here.

CPD Standards


What our participants say


The course was broken down into excellent stages, each section informative, clear and thought provoking when considering own options of future clinic or possible venues.


Well presented, good visuals and lots of practical and sensible advice that was comprehensive in the areas covered.


Really useful course to do for someone considering developing an ASI clinic space.


Pulls together a lot of information relevant to carrying out SI therapy in a number of settings.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • A note about downloadable video transcripts

    • Welcome from Director of Education Strategy and Innovation

    • How to Engage with this Course

    • Welcome from Moyna

    • Learning Objectives

  • 2

    Options for Setting Up Your Own Clinic

    • Options for Setting Up Your Own Clinic

    • Introduction

    • Room in Your Own Home

    • Hire a Space or Venue

    • Extension or Conversion

    • Building a Clinic From Scratch

    • Activity

  • 3

    Basic Considerations for All Venues

    • Basic Considerations for all Venues

    • Introduction

    • Flooring

    • Toilets

    • Heating

    • Lighting

    • Water

    • Parking and Accessibility

    • Neighbourhood and Environmental Factors

    • CCTV / Security / Connectivity

    • Insurances

    • Activity

  • 4

    Space Requirements

    • Space Requirements

    • Space Requirements Overview

    • Suspension

    • Activity

    • Fidelity

    • Interview with Southpaw

  • 5

    Equipment Options

    • Equipment Options

    • Equipment Options Overview

    • Go-to-Equipment Out of the Clinic

    • Go-to-Equipment in the Clinic

    • Activity

  • 6

    Final Considerations

    • Final Considerations

    • Floor Plan Design

    • Administration and Risk Assessments

    • Summary

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5 star rating

Really useful

Morgan Bodonyi

This was extremely helpful and has provided me with the information needed to consider creating an ASI space - 7 February 2022

This was extremely helpful and has provided me with the information needed to consider creating an ASI space - 7 February 2022

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