How Do Research Findings Inform Clinical Practice?

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Join Dr Greg Kelly and Dr Sylvia Taylor-Goh in conversation as they consider the benefits and challenges in applying findings from the literature to clinical practice.  

They will discuss how to find research relevant to practice and give pointers on useful sources. 

The importance of being able to judge the quality of a paper will be exemplified using papers that have informed their clinical practice. 

Learning Objectives

  • Recognise that the published literature is of variable quality
  • Understand the need for critiquing the literature
  • Describe the impact of research on clinical practice


BSc(Hons), PhD, Visiting Fellow at Sheffield Hallam University

Doctor Greg Kelly

Dr Greg Kelly is a Visiting Fellow at Sheffield Hallam University, the partner university of Sensory Integration Education.
In 2019, Greg received an SIE Honorary Fellowship for sustained commitment to developing SI theory and practice in the UK, Ireland and beyond, over a 40-year period and for his outstanding leadership in providing university-accredited SI training, since the MSc in SI was launched in 2011.
Greg also completed a degree in psychology and an MSc, and in 1987 became a lecturer in OT at Ulster University. His published works inspired others to begin learning about SI principles and to go on to develop theory and practice further for themselves. His dedication to promoting SI theory and practice continued throughout the 1990s with the different study groups eventually merging to form the organisation we are all part of today: the SI Network UK and Ireland, now trading as Sensory Integration Education.
Greg became the Course Director of the MSc in SI Pathway at Ulster University, supporting students from all over the world, to complete university-accredited SI training. The MSc pathway, now accredited by Sheffield Hallam University, is the only one of its kind, attracting students worldwide. Greg is an outstanding pioneer, innovator and change-maker for SI in the UK, Ireland and beyond and we look forward to his continued association with Sensory Integration Education.

PhD, MSc, BSc, Cert MRCSLT, Director of Education Strategy and Innovation, SIE

Doctor Sylvia Taylor-Goh

Sylvia’s professional background encompasses academia, research, clinical practice, senior public-sector management and project management. She is committed to advancing evidence-based practice - one of the outputs of her PhD, which investigated the clinical reasoning and decision-making of occupational therapists, speech & language therapists and biomedical engineers, is the Taylor-Goh Model of Clinical Reasoning.

She is the editor of the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists (RCSLT) Clinical Guidelines, a publication that provides evidence-based guidance for 12 clinical areas of the profession. She has worked with the Department of Health, England, on establishing a Research Unit and undertaking an assistive technology research project. With the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE), she assisted the development of ensuring the service user’s voice is heard in clinical guidelines.

She held academic positions at City University and University of London for over ten years and elsewhere has held the roles of External Examiner and Supervising Fellow for Professional Doctorate degrees. She is a Recognised Teacher with Sheffield Hallam University. She is currently working in partnership with a UK university enabling them to embed her clinical reasoning model throughout their health course’s pre-registration curriculum. As a published author and active researcher, she regularly is an invited speaker at professional conferences.

Her clinical practice, ‘Relational Communication’, provides specialist assessment and intervention for children, young people and adults with complex congenital and acquired neurological disorders. She also works as a medico-legal Expert Witness within this clinical specialism. She is actively involved in many professional societies and is a member of the RCSLT Policy and Professional Practice Committee whose role is to consider and make recommendations upon matters relating to professional development, standards, policy and public affairs.

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    How Do Research Findings Inform Clinical Practice?

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