Introduction to Sensory Integration Difficulties

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  • Find out why sensory integration is part of everyone’s development and learning and how it is critical to help us all to participate in daily life. 
  • Consider how sensory differences can affect behaviour, learning, emotions and communication.
  • Learn about the neuroscience that supports the theory of sensory integration.
  • Consider a range of sensory strategies and environmental adaptations that can be used to facilitate engagement in school activities.


  • Be more knowledgeable about sensory systems and how they underpin daily life, development and learning. 
  • Understand how the sensory systems are affected in people with sensory integration difficulties.
  • Increase your understanding of how to use individualised support strategies with people with sensory integration difficulties.
  • Be more confident in identifying and making changes to the school environment to be able to positively support the sensory needs of people with sensory integration difficulties.

Who should complete this course?

  • This course is suitable for those wishing to increase their understanding of the potential sensory differences experienced by children and young adults. 
  • See how this may alter participation in everyday life including differences in behaviour, learning, emotion regulation, communication and social interaction.

Technology requirements

  • Stable WiFi/Broadband - This is an online course. You cannot download this course. You cannot access it without being connected to WiFi Broadband.
  • Google Chrome browser (latest version) - You will not be able to view the learning content and assessments properly whilst using other browsers.
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Course curriculum

  • 1


    • How to engage with this course

    • Introduction to this course

  • 2

    Introduction to Sensory Integration

    • More About this Chapter

    • Sensory Integration Theory

    • 7 Senses

    • Sensory Integration

  • 3

    How Sensory Information is Processed

    • More About this Chapter

    • How Messages Travel within the Nervous System

    • How Messages Are Influenced

    • Winnie Dunn Theory

    • Chapter Summary

  • 4

    Sensory Processing and Self Regulation

    • More About this Chapter

    • Self Regulation and the Just Right State

    • What's Happening in Our Nervous System

    • Emotional Regulation and SI

    • Levels of Self-Regulation

    • Summary

  • 5

    Sensory Integration Difficulties

    • More About this Chapter

    • Introduction to Sensory Integration Difficulties

    • Modulation

    • Posture and Praxis

    • Some Praxis Activities

    • Supporting People with Dyspraxia

    • Summary

  • 6

    Sensory Strategies

    • More About this Chapter

    • Proprioception Strategies

    • Strategies to Support Self Regulation and Reactivity

    • Environmental Adjustments and Class-Wide Ideas

    • Playgrounds

    • What to Expect from a Trained SI Therapist

    • Summary

    • Find an SI Therapist

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