Understanding Sensory Processing and Integration In Children

A guide for parents and carers

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Welcome to this short course which we have put together specifically to support parents and carers. In this course we aim to:

  • Help you better understand the senses and how we process information from our senses
  • Introduce you to what sensory issues can look like in a child’s behaviour and engagement, and
  • Give you some ideas on how to support your child’s sensory needs at home


  • In this course, we will start with an explanation of the different senses. You will probably know about the 5 senses, touch, hearing, taste, smell and seeing. 
  • We will tell you about these senses and two more that inform our brain about movement. We will then look at different sensory integration difficulties. 
  • There are different types of difficulties that people present with as a result of inadequate sensory processing.
  • We will explain what these are and the types of day to day difficulties that people may experience because of these sensory processing and integration difficulties. 
  • We will then look at strategies that you can use at home, these strategies are suggestions of activities and adaptations that you can try at home. 
  • Please note that these strategies cannot replace the advice from a therapist that has assessed your child.

Who should complete this course?

This course is suitable for parents and carers.  It is open to all.

Technology requirements

  • Stable WiFi/Broadband - This is an online course. You cannot download this course. You cannot access it without being connected to WiFi Broadband.
  • Google Chrome browser (latest version) - You will not be able to view the learning content and assessments properly whilst using other browsers.
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Course curriculum

  • 1

    Understanding Sensory Processing and Integration in Children For Parents and Carers

    • 01 Welcome and Introductions to this Course

    • How to Engage with this Course

    • 02 The Senses. How You Make Sense of the World

    • 03 Sensory Processing and Integration Difficulties

    • 04 Strategies to Use at Home

    • Find an SI Therapist

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