We are a world-class, international training provider of sensory integration courses.

Established in 1994, Sensory Integration Education is a not-for-profit organisation working with allied health professionals, education and health experts, academic researchers and families to improve awareness, understanding and the treatment of sensory integration and sensory processing difficulties.

We do all this using the proven framework of Ayres Sensory Integration Therapy. For nearly 30 years and in over 100 countries, we have trained those who work with and care for people with sensory challenges. We support and disseminate research into Ayres Sensory Integration Therapy.

Our MSc in Sensory Integration pathway, delivering SI Practitioner and Advanced Practitioner status, was the world’s first postgraduate qualification in SI accredited by a UK university. Our higher education partner is Sheffield Hallam University, one of the UK's largest allied health professions education providers. Find out more about our partnership here.

For families, professionals and therapists, we have an ever-growing suite of high-quality interactive online courses and live webinars: including introductory-level short courses with practical tips, engaging Continuing Professional Development (CPD) courses; and thought-provoking Masterclass Series lectures.

We are proud to be a not-for-profit organisation, investing surpluses back into course development and supporting early-career researchers. We encourage, support, and disseminate research into Ayres Sensory Integration Therapy. Find out more about our research support services here.


To be a global leader in transformational learning, supported by a vibrant, research-focused and influential community of practice that changes the lives of people with sensory processing and integration challenges.

Mission Statement:

Sensory Integration Education is proud to be a not-for-profit organisation providing world-class training in supporting sensory needs and promoting research into sensory integration and sensory processing.

Strategic Aims:

  1. The ‘voice’ and the ‘lived’ experience of those with sensory processing and integration differences are central to our educational and learning provision.
  2. We champion all professionals who work within an SI frame of reference to keep person-centred participation as their overarching aim.
  3. Our community of practice is vibrant, dynamic and influential.  
  4. Our students engage in personalised, flexible, research-informed transformational learning.  
  5. Our organisation is an innovative global leader for sensory integration initiatives and collaborations across health, social care, education, business and third sectors.

Organisational Guiding Values:

  1. To be proactive, effective, innovative and agile. 
  2. To treat all people with dignity and respect, promoting well-being.
  3. To be collegiate and ethical in working practice.
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