Complaints Procedure


We aim to maintain high standards in all that we do but recognise that we can sometimes get things wrong, despite our best intentions.

SI Network (UK & Ireland) Ltd views a complaint as an opportunity, as well as a chance, to put things right for the person making the complaint, and to improve the services that SI Network (UK & Ireland) Ltd offers. We would not be able to do so or learn for the future if we did not receive feedback when things go wrong. Therefore, we value and take seriously any feedback we receive.

Generally, the purpose of this Complaints Procedure is to resolve disputes informally without resorting to a formal investigation or legal proceedings. We will try to explore every reasonable option to resolve complaints by working with the person making the complaint to agree on an outcome that is satisfactory to them and SI Network (UK & Ireland) Ltd.

Whether your complaint is justified or not, our reply to you will describe the action we have taken to investigate the complaint, conclusions we have reached as a result of the investigation, and any action we have taken or are taking because of your complaint.

We will ensure that all information received and produced in connection with a complaint is treated as confidential and handled sensitively, that only those who need to know have access to that information, and that relevant data protection requirements are all met.

All complaint information is passed promptly to our Director of Business Operations and he/she reports on them to our Board within 28 days.

The information below sets out our Complaints Procedure.


A ‘complaint’ in this Procedure means any expression of dissatisfaction in relation to SI Network (UK & Ireland) Ltd that requires a response from SI Network (UK & Ireland) Ltd.

Where complaints may come from

Complaints may come from users of SI Network (UK & Ireland) Ltd’s services, those involved in SI Network (UK & Ireland) Ltd’s activities, customers or any other person or organisation who has a legitimate interest in SI Network (UK & Ireland) Ltd.

Complaints that cannot be dealt with under this Procedure

This procedure is only for the above type of external complaint, not for complaints or grievances from staff, contractors or volunteers.

Whilst complainants are generally entitled to receive responses to a complaint and to challenge any responses received from SI Network (UK & Ireland) Ltd, it will not deal with complaints or challenges where in the reasonable opinion of the Board or Directors, they amount to persistent, habitual or vexatious complaints or challenges.

SI Network (UK & Ireland) Ltd expects any complainant to be polite and courteous. It will not tolerate aggressive, abusive or unreasonable behaviour or demands.

How to make a complaint

First Stage
If you have a complaint you can contact us by email or letter.

To help us investigate and address all complaints, we ask you to provide us with as much information as possible. This should cover:

  • The reason for your complaint
    Where and when what you are complaining about happened
  • The name(s) of anyone involved (if known)
  • What outcome you are hoping for (but we are not obliged to resolve the complaint in that way)
  • Your contact details (name, address, daytime telephone number and/or email address)
  • Who you should contact within SI Network (UK & Ireland) Ltd will depend on how you decide to make contact, and on who you wish to make a complaint about. We have indicated below who you can contact.

Complaints in writing
Please send your complaint to us as follows:

Either by letter addressed as follows:

The Director of Business Operations

SI Network (UK & Ireland) Ltd

SIE, First Floor, Unit 9 The Old Mill, 61 Reading Road, Pangbourne, RG8 7HY, UK

or by email to him/her at

Timescales for all First Stage complaints made in writing.
We will try to resolve the problem as quickly as possible, but if we cannot do this (for example, if we need to investigate further), we will acknowledge receipt of your complaint within the following timescale:

  • By email, within 48 hours if you contact us by email
  • By letter, within 5 working days if you contact us by letter

Our acknowledgment will inform you of when we will next contact you either with a proposed resolution or update. It will also inform you of the name of the person dealing with your complaint. That person will then investigate and deal with it and then respond to you with their definitive reply.

You should receive that definitive reply within four weeks. If this is not possible because, for example, an investigation has not been fully completed, a progress report will be sent with an indication of when a full reply will be given.

Second stage
If for any reason, you are not happy with the resolution of your complaint under the First Stage procedure outlined above, you can bring this to our attention as follows.

Please address a letter to:

The Chair
SI Network (UK & Ireland) Ltd
SIE, First Floor, Unit 9 The Old Mill, 61 Reading Road, Pangbourne, RG8 7HY, UK

Alternatively, please email the Chair at

Please set out clearly the details of the complaint, explaining why you were not satisfied with our response under the First Stage and what you would like us to do to put things right.

The Business Operations Manager will send an acknowledgment within 5 working days and arrange for the Chair to investigate your complaint and respond with a definitive reply within a further 10 working days.

Follow up
For us to make improvements to the SI Network (UK & Ireland) Ltd and its services, we may wish to contact you within a month of your complaint being dealt with to check that you were satisfied with our resolution. Any information you give will only be used to make improvements to the SI Network (UK & Ireland) Ltd and its services.