Over 25 years, Sensory Integration Education has grown a thriving community of support for all interested in learning more about sensory integration (SI) and sensory processing. As well as providing world-class training in SI, we award research grants to support the development of evidence and best practice relating to sensory integration across the lifespan.

Our support comprises financial awards as well as support in recruiting research participants and in disseminating your finished research. We aim to build the skills of early career researchers who are working to contribute to the national and international evidence base for SI.

Creating a network of SI researchers

Have you completed an SI related research project, clinical audit, service evaluation or a literature review? 

Would you like to become part of an SI research network sharing findings, articles, support to others researching similar topics?

The Researcher Support Committee will hold a central database of this research activity to develop links for current and future SI researchers. Let us know about your SI research and findings by completing this short online form.

Research advice for parents

Having a child diagnosed with sensory difficulties, or suspecting that your child had sensory challenges, can feel overwhelming. Learning how to identify high-quality, reputable research that addresses your immediate needs can help you make better informed decisions. This is a useful resource that provides information directed at parents and those new to research who wish to be able to identify, analyse and interpret research from different sources.  Although the guide is aimed at parents of children with autism, the information provided in relation to sourcing and evaluating research is applicable to sensory integration and sensory processing topics.

Research Grants

Research themes

Sensory Integration Education research grants are designed to support the development of evidence relating to Sensory Integration across the Lifespan: The Art and Science. All grant applications must demonstrate contribution to one or more of the following key research themes:

  • Evidence From Within the Field of Neuroscience
  • Assessment and Measures of SI and Sensory Processing Difficulties
  • Evidence For the Treatment of Sensory Processing Difficulties:
    • Ayres' Sensory Integration Therapy
    • Sensory Strategies

We will support quality research projects that will provide robust evidence with clear relevance to service users, carers, and/or the organisation and delivery of effective services.

Where appropriate, practitioners and service users should be involved. Close collaborative working between academic and service provider organisations is also encouraged.

Grant awards

We have the following five grant awards available at the start of each calendar year:

MSc Research Projects Grant (£5,000)

These grants will support research activity undertaken as part of a Master’s programme where the focus of the research project is on advancing sensory integration knowledge and/or aligned with the key research themes.

PhD Research Projects Grant (£5,000)

These grants are to support the research activity undertaken as part of a PhD or Doctorate programme where the focus of the research project relates to one or more of the key research themes. Alternatively, experienced researchers who may be experts in other fields and are not eligible for SI practitioner status, such as Psychology and/or Neuroscience, may apply for funding to develop their knowledge of Ayres’ SI theory and practice in order to complete a proposed research project as part of their PhD.

Small Projects/Studies Grant (£7,000)

These grants support small pilot studies and/or single case study experimental design or qualitative studies reflecting the key research themes (above) with a clinical focus. Grants may be awarded to clinicians and health practitioners as well as new researchers.

Dissemination of Research Grant (£3,000)

These grants will contribute to conference attendance where research results relating to topics aligned to sensory integration theory and practice will be disseminated. The grant can also be used for developing skills for publishing research adhering to the SI research themes.

Recruitment support

We will promote research on our online forums, publications and to our members relating to the research themes above.

Find out how to apply for the SIE Research Grants

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    4. Small Projects / Studies Grant (£7000): how to apply

    5. Dissemination of Research Grant (£3000): how to apply

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