From Sensation to Participation

SIE Annual Conference 2022: Virtual Event 7-13 November 2022

Featuring keynote speakers Professor Shelly Lane,  Dr Sarah A. Schoen, and Carol Stock Kranowitz, author of The Out-of-Sync Child, as well as a packed line up of presentations to dip in and out of at your convenience, this unmissable event is now available free of charge so book your place now! 

Join us for a fascinating exploration of the relationship between the senses and the ability to participate in work, play and other everyday activities. Hear from international experts, dedicated therapists, pioneering researchers and individuals living with sensory differences. Don’t miss this free conference dedicated to sensory integration and sensory processing.

Professor Shelly Lane

Ph.D, OTR/L, FAOTA, Professor and Academic Program Director at Colorado State University and Professor of Occupational Therapy at University of Newcastle, Australia. Lane's clinical work includes working with children who have experienced early childhood trauma, and children with sensory concerns linked to ADHD and ASD.

  • Shelly Lane will be discussing the neuroscience foundations supporting the sensory integrative functions needed for everyday life
  • More details coming soon!
  • Ideal content for: Therapists, Professionals & Students
Dr Sarah A. Schoen

Ph.D, OTR/L, Director of Research at STAR Institute. Dr Schoen has spent two decades specialising in sensory integration research and is the recipient of the The American Occupational Therapy Foundation (AOTF) A. Jean Ayres Award.

  • Advancements in Sensory Integration Research: A Lens on the Future of Assessment and Intervention
  • Ideal content for: Therapists, Professionals & Students
Carol Stock Kranowitz

Teacher, international lecturer and author of the million-copy-selling book: ‘The Out-of Sync Child'. Carol Stock Kranowitz has authored numerous subsequent books all aimed at increasing awareness and understanding of sensory issues and has received numerous accolades including the Champion of Inspiration Award from the STAR Institute in 2015.

  • Carol will be discussing the revised and expanded third edition of her go-to book The Out-of-Sync Child
  • Ideal content for: Everyone - Parents, Individuals & Professionals
Rosalind Rogers

Chair of Sensory Integration Education. A Fellow of the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists, senior lecturer and Fellow of her University’s Centre for Higher Education Research and Practice, Rosalind Rogers has been Chair of Sensory Integration Education since 2014.

  • Rosalind introduces you to the 2022 SIE Annual Conference
  • Exciting announcement from SIE
  • Ideal content for: Everyone - Parents, Individuals & Professionals
Dr Keren MacLennan of the Sensory Street & Becky Lyddon of Sensory Spectacle

Sensory Street is a University of Oxford Wellcome-funded research project exploring how public spaces can be disabling sensory environments for autistic people with sensory processing differences and how these places can become more inclusive. Sensory Spectacle educates about sensory processing difficulties through immersive experiences.

  • Update on the pioneering research project Sensory Street which is looking at how the sensory aspects of an environment impact autistic people and how we can better help people learn about what sensory processing difficulties are like to live with
  • Includes an overview of their amazing immersive event with Sensory Spectacle this summer
  • Ideal content for: Everyone - Parents, Individuals & Professionals
Dr Amy Hartman

Ph.D, OTR/L from the University of Pittsburgh.

  • Dr Hartman will be presenting her research findings on Characterizing Sleep Differences in Children With and Without Sensory Sensitivities
  • Ideal content for: Therapists, Professionals & Students
Purple Ella

Purple Ella creates content on her life with autism, ADHD and chronic illness (hEDS).

  • Ella shares her story of late diagnosis and her advocacy work
  • Ideal content for: Everyone - Parents, Individuals & Professionals
Kim Clairy

A licensed Occupational Therapist, Kim Clairy has unique expertise in understanding the intersection of eating disorders, sensory processing dysfunction, and autism. Diagnosed with all three, she struggled under a healthcare system uneducated on autism. Now in recovery, she shares her expertise by educating others through didactic and experiential training.

  • Hear Kim speak about trauma, eating disorders and mental health from a personal perspective, as well as her autism and sensory challenges
  • Ideal content for: Everyone - Parents, Individuals & Professionals
Chris West, OT; Claire Pemrick, OT; & Dr Matt Slavin, Clinical Psychologist of EcoSensory Therapy

EcoSensory Therapy started as the meeting of kindred spirits. Dr Matt Slavin, having finished his Doctorate in Clinical Psychology researching nature-based therapies, joined Claire Pemrick and Chris West (Occupational Therapists and specialists in sensory integration and sensory attachment intervention) in their quest to work with nature as the co-therapist. It was the start of something extremely special; a vision and coming together of shared minds at the sharp end of research and practice in healthcare. These beginnings have been sewn with love, nurture and passion and offer help and support to those in need through new and ancient ways.

  • Beyond the Four Walls… Participating in the Sensory Rich Nature Space - The EcoSensory Way
  • Learn about the fascinating practice of EcoSensory Therapy, an integrative treatment approach to support both the physical and mental health of participants by working with nature to heal and regulate through the senses
  • Ideal content for: Everyone - Parents, Individuals & Professionals
Tracy Stackhouse

MA, OTR, co-founder and executive director of Developmental FX (DFX) in Denver, Colorado. Tracy is a clinical paediatric occupational therapist who works with people affected by Fragile X Syndrome (FXS) and Fragile X related conditions. Tracy was the clinical specialist in sensory integration at The Children’s Hospital in Denver as well as the OT for the Fragile X Research and Treatment Center.

  • Listen to Tracy explore the sensory-informed foundations for regulation and participation.
  • Ideal content for: Therapists, Professionals & Students
Paul Isaacs

Paul Isaacs is autistic and is an experienced Autism Speaker, Trainer, Consultant, Blogger, Author, Artist and Poet.

  • Autism & Sensory Perception
  • Ideal content for: Everyone - Parents, Individuals & Professionals
Sue Allen

Consultant Occupational Therapist, Advanced SI Practitioner, highly experienced clinician, lecturer, published researcher, and Fellow of Sensory Integration Education. Sue is also author of "Can I tell you about Sensory Processing Difficulties?: A guide for friends, family and professionals."

  • Sue will be updating us on her latest research
  • More details coming soon!
Amy Stephens

Consultant Speech & Language Therapist (SLT) and Advanced SI Practitioner, lead for the Association of Sensory Integration Practice (ASIP) and the ASIP Journal Club. Amy was the first SLT to qualify as an Ayres Sensory Integration Advanced Practitioner in the UK, has been lecturing and mentoring in SI for over a decade, and is the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapist's National Clinical Adviser in Sensory Integration.

  • More details coming soon!
Joy Jackson

Blogger including The Sensory Seeker and PinkOddy; mother of four children, the youngest of whom has sensory processing differences.

  • Joy discusses her experience of parenting and advocating for a child with sensory processing differences
  • Ideal content for: Everyone - Parents, Individuals & Professionals
Sensory Friendly Solutions

Sensory Friendly Solutions’ mission is to make the world more sensory-friendly. SFS helps people, businesses and organisations find and adopt sensory-friendly practices by providing training and sharing resources.

  • More details coming soon!
  • Ideal content for: Everyone - Parents, Individuals & Professionals
Sensory Integration Education & Sheffield Hallam University Awards 2022

The Awards celebrate achievement and nurture talent in the sensory integration community. They are part of the SIE Legacy Project in acknowledgement of and gratitude to those who introduced Ayres Sensory Integration to the UK and Ireland in the 1970s and to those who have worked to shape training and practice since that time.

  • Find out the winners of the student awards!
  • Join us in celebrating the new SI Practitioner and Advanced Practitioner graduates!
  • Ideal content for: Everyone - Parents, Individuals & Professionals

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How satisfying would it be to see your work recognised in a poster presentation at the SIE Annual Conference this November? Here’s your opportunity to showcase your work to a supportive community and add another point to your professional experience.

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Call for Poster Presentation Abstracts

We invite you to submit an abstract for a virtual poster presentation at the Sensory Integration Education Annual Conference 2022 From Sensation to Participation. This is an opportunity to share good practice with like-minded colleagues and generate conversations and connections.  

We welcome submissions in any of the following areas: 

  • Clinical outcomes, evaluation, or innovation
  • Service development, evaluation, or innovation
  • Recent research or implementation of findings  

There are two types of submission:  a stand-alone virtual poster or virtual poster with pre-recorded 5-minute presentation.  

We are offering a £50 voucher for all successful submissions for redemption against any of our courses.

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All abstracts will be evaluated through a double-blind review process by members of the Scientific Committee.

Important Dates 

Closing date for submissions: Friday 26 August 2022. 

Notification of the review process decision: Friday 9 September 2022

Deadline to submit accepted poster / poster and recording: Friday 14 October 2022 

Guidelines for Submission of Abstracts

 Before submitting any abstract, please read the abstract guidelines carefully and use them to structure your submission. We are accepting abstracts via this online form

Abstract Structure and Content

Abstracts should be no longer than 500 words in total and should adhere to the following layout:

Clinical outcomes, evaluation, or innovation

  • Abstract Title 
  • Author Name(s)
  • Affiliation(s)
  • Brief introduction or rationale
  • Aims
  • Methods
  • Summary of Main Outcomes / Evaluation /Innovation
  • Conclusion
  • Implications and future directions
  • References 
  • Acknowledgements


Service development, evaluation, or innovation

  •  Abstract Title 
  • Author Name(s)
  • Affiliation(s)
  • Brief introduction or rationale
  • Aim(s) of the project
  • An outline of the main results
  • Conclusions
  • Contribution to new knowledge
  • Implications for practice / policy
  • References 
  • Acknowledgements


Recent research or implementation of findings 

  •  Abstract Title 
  • Author Name(s)
  • Affiliation(s)
  • Brief introduction or rationale
  • Aim(s) of the study
  • An outline of research /implementation methods
  • Summary of main results
  • Conclusions

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